Mewsing Calico Cat

Mewsing calico cat is on a huge range of products at The Fairchild Selection store.

Romantic Mewsings

Massively Motivational Pawsome Moggie

Say WELL DONE to someone you’re proud of or encourage someone you believe in that they CAN DO IT! Gerald the pawsome ginger tom has super powers of motivation and he’s available on a huge range of products: Stationery & Stickers Clothing Bags &…

Teagret Cat

Do you suffer from TEAGRET?As a serial beverage-abandoner, I’m only too familiar with this shameful condition.But I’ve decided to COME OUT and BE PROUD of my Teagret.Join me, fellow beverage-abandoners, and let us march forward with our (cold) tea in our hands! The Teagret…

Live Long and Pawspurr

Join Captain Purrk aboard the Starship Mewterprise and go in search of strange new napping spots. Then you can sip your Earl Grey (hot) from these flagship beverage vessels.

Wash Your Paws

This cute kitty cat washing his paws will remind everyone to wash their hands. Put a poster in the bathroom for adults and kids, or get stickers for their books and devices. Great for parents and teachers!